Online Blackjack Software

The table below covers popular software rule variations and their house edge. A basic method without composition dependent exceptions and shuffling after each hand is used. For strategy, use the game links or the strategy calculator. Use the home edge calculator to compare other rule sets’ house edges. Click a column to sort or skip further down to see the rule variation explination.

SoftwareGameHouse EdgeDecksSoft 17Peek for BJDoubleDouble After SplitResplitResplit AcesHit Split AcesSurrender
BetfairZero Lounge0.00%8StandYes8 to 11YesNoNoNo
BetsoftSingle Deck0.37%1HitYes10 to 11YesNoNoNo
BetsoftSuper 70.46%6StandYesAnyYesNoNoNo
Boss MediaSingle Deck-0.11%1StandYesAnyYesNoNoNo
Boss MediaStandard / Super Sevens / 2 Against 10.46%6StandYesAnyYesNoNoNo
Boss MediaEuropean0.66%6StandNo9 to 11YesNoNoNo
ChartwellSingle Deck0.26%1StandNo9 to 11NoNoNoNo
ChartwellEuropean0.45%8StandNo9 to 11YesNoNoEarly*
ChartwellStandard / Lucky 70.49%8StandYesAnyYesNoNoNo
CryptologicSingle Deck0.20%1HitYesAnyNoNoNoNo
CryptologicDouble Deck0.34%2StandNoAnyYesNoNoNo
CryptologicPontoon0.38%8HitYesAnyYes3 HandsYesYesNo
CryptologicPerfect Pairs0.44%5StandYesAnyYesNoNoNo
CryptologicAtlantic City / Classic / Progressive0.49%8StandYesAnyYesNoNoNo
CryptologicVideo: 8 Decks0.50%8StandYes/No*AnyYesNoNoNo
CryptologicVideo: 4 Decks0.51%4StandNoAnyYesNoNoNo
CryptologicEuropean0.52%6StandNoAnyYes4 HandsNoNoNo
CryptologicSuper Fun 210.94%1HitYesAnyYes4 HandsYesYesLate
Gala-CoralEuropean0.03%6StandNo9 to 11YesNoNoEarly*
Gala-CoralSingle Deck0.14%1StandNo9 to 11YesNoNoNo
Gale WindStandard0.46%6StandYesAnyYesNoNoNo
G-FedStandard / Progressive0.46%6StandYesAnyYesNoNoNo
MicrogamingClassic0.13%1StandNo9 to 11NoNoYesNo
MicrogamingVegas Strip0.35%4StandYesAnyYes4 HandsNoNoNo
MicrogamingVegas Single Deck0.35%1HitYes9 to 11NoNoNoNo
MicrogamingAtlantic City0.36%8StandYesAnyYes4 HandsNoNoLate
MicrogamingSpanish Blackjack0.38%8HitYesAnyYes4 HandsYesYesLate
MicrogamingPontoon0.39%8StandYesAnyYes3 HandsYesNoNo
MicrogamingVegas Downtown / Bonus Blackjack0.39%2HitYesAnyYes4 HandsNoNoNo
MicrogamingEuropean / Hi Lo 13 / High Streak / Perfect Pairs0.42%2StandNo9 to 11NoNoYesNo
MicrogamingBig 50.47%5HitNoAnyYes4 HandsNoNoEarly*
MicrogamingMulti-hand / Multi-hand Classic / Triple 7s0.59%5StandNo9 to 11NoNoYesNo
MicrogamingDouble Exposure0.79%8HitNo*9 to 11Yes4 HandsYesNoNo
MicrogamingSuper Fun 210.94%1HitYesAnyYes4 HandsYesYesLate
Net EntStandard / Pro0.40%4StandYesAnyYesNoNoNo
Net EntPontoon0.41%6HitYesAnyYes3 HandsYesYesNo
Net EntSingle Deck0.48%1HitYes10 to 11NoNoNoNo
Net EntDouble Exposure0.73%6StandNo*9 to 11YesNoNoNo
Odds OnPerfect Pairs0.35%4StandYesAnyYes4 HandsNoNoNo
Odds OnVegas Strip0.41%6StandYesAnyYes4 HandsNoNoNo
Odds OnEuropean / Progressive0.73%4StandNo9 to 11NoNoNoNo
OrbisAtlantic City0.15%4StandYes/No*9 to 11Yes4 HandsNoNoEarly*
OrbisPontoon0.38%8HitYesAnyYes3 HandsYesYesNo
OrbisClassic0.45%2StandYes/No*9 to 11YesNoNoNo
OrbisVC Games Rules0.50%4StandYes/No*AnyYesNoNoNo
OrbisStandard / Vegas0.64%5StandYes/No*9 to 11YesNoNoNo
OrbisSpanish Blackjack0.70%6HitYesAnyYes4 HandsYesYesLate
OrbisEuropean0.76%5StandNo9 to 11NoNoNoNo
Party GamingSingle Deck0.23%1HitYes9 to 11YesNoNoNo
Party GamingSingle Player / High Limit / Bonus Pairs0.55%8HitYesAnyYes4 HandsNoNoLate
Party GamingMulti Player / Multi- Hand0.61%8HitYesAnyYesNoNoLate
PlaytechBlackjack Switch0.16%6HitYesAnyYes4 HandsNoNoNo
PlaytechPontoon0.38%8HitYesAnyYes3 HandsYesYesNo
PlaytechPro*0.48%1HitYes10 to 11NoNoNoNo
PlaytechStandard / Progressive0.49%6StandYes/No*AnyYesNoNoNo
PlaytechUK0.61%6StandNo9 to 11Yes4 HandsNoNoNo
PlaytechDouble Attack0.62%8StandYesAny*Yes4 HandsNoLate*
Playtech21 Duel3.08%6StandNoAnyNoNoNoNo
Random LogicStandard0.40%4StandYesAnyYesNoNoNo
RealTime GamingSurrender0.49%4HitYesAnyYes3 HandsNoNoLate
RealTime GamingEuropean0.57%8StandNo9 to 11Yes3 HandsNoNoNo
RealTime GamingStandard0.57%8HitYesAnyYes3 HandsNoNoNo
RealTime GamingPontoon0.73%2HitYesAnyYes3 HandsYesYesNo
RealTime GamingMatch Play 210.81%8HitYesAnyYes3 HandsYesYesLate
RealTime GamingFace Up 210.90%8HitNo*9 to 11Yes3 HandsYesNoNo
RealTime GamingSuper 211.20%8HitYesAnyYes3 HandsYesYesLate
RivalStandard0.62%6HitYes*AnyYes4 HandsNoNoNo
RivalMulti-hand0.86%6HitYes*9 to 11No4 HandsNoNoNo
Top GameRoyale0.58%6StandYesAnyNoNoNoNo
Top GameMulti-hand1.16%6StandYesAnyNoNo*NoNo
VueTecStandard, Multi-hand0.46%6StandNoAnyYesNoNoNo*
VueTecLive, Early Payout0.60%8StandNoAnyYesNoNoNo
WagerworksHot Streak0.23%6StandNoAnyYesNoYesNo
WagerworksPower Blackjack0.23%6StandNoAnyYesNoNoNo
Wagerworks20+ Bonus0.27%6StandYesAnyYesNoYesNo
WagerworksEuropean / 21+30.30%6StandNoAnyYes3 HandsYesYesNo
WagerworksTable / Multi-hand0.46%6StandYesAnyYesNoNoNo
WagerworksDouble Attack0.63%8StandYesAny*YesNoNoLate*
WagerworksTop Hat2.37%1StandYes10 to 11YesNoNoNo
World GamingBlackjack Switch0.16%6HitYesAnyYes4 HandsNoNoNo
World GamingStandard0.46%6StandYesAnyYesNoNoNo
World GamingBlackjack 522.33%1HitYesAnyYes4 HandsYesNoLate
World GamingSpanish Blackjack2.60%8HitYesAnyYes4 HandsYesYesLate

Blackjack Rule Variations

Blackjack rules can be varied. Here are several online casino rule variations:

Decks — Online play uses 1 to 8 decks. Fewer decks minimise the house edge.

In some casinos, the dealer must stand on all soft 17. Other casinos require the dealer to hit a “soft” 17 with an ace instead of a “hard” 17. A soft 17 raises the house edge.

Blackjack Peek — When an ace or 10-point card is shown, the dealer peeks for blackjack. Because the dealer does not peek for blackjack in “European blackjack,” doubling or splitting may result in a 2x loss. Blackjack peeking advantages the player.

Double up… Most online blackjack games let you double on any two-card set. Some games only allow you to double on hard sums of 9 to 11, not soft sums with an ace.

In most online blackjack games, you can double after dividing your cards. Some games forbid doubling following a split.

Resplits — You can split your cards again if you draw a matched card. But not all blackjack games enable it.

Resplit Aces — Various blackjack games have different rules for resplitting aces.

Aces can be split with a single card in most blackjack games. Some games let you split aces with multiple cards.

Surrender — In some blackjack games, you can surrender and lose half your wager right away. Surrendering after the dealer has checked for blackjack is called a “late surrender.” Early surrender is available before the dealer checks for blackjack.

7-Card Charlie — A 7-card Charlie is a 7-card hand. Some Grand Virtual games reward a 7-card Charlie. This game uses a 6-card Charlie rule. It’s a Playtech thing.

Casinos have numerous game varieties with varying rules. The following blackjack variants are available: Pontoon, Super Fun 21, Spanish Blackjack, Double Attack Blackjack, Double Exposure.